UMC’s senior leadership

Steering an organisation with many different focus areas in the same direction requires teamwork. At UMC, the core of this work is done by the senior leadership team.

The Strategic Executive Team (SET) and Decision Executive Team (DET) consist of the CEO and senior staff who head major work areas at UMC. They are responsible for governance and organisational coordination, for long-term strategic plans, annual strategic objectives and the budget framework, and follow-up of key activities throughout the year.

SET guides the work of UMC on a day-to-day basis, and meets regularly to review UMC's progress in relation to its annual work plan and three-year strategic objectives. They also prepare the financial and operational reports that are submitted to UMC's board. 

The current members of SET are:

  • Birgitta Lindner, Acting CEO and Head of Operations
  • Pinelopi Lundquist, Head of WHO Collaborating Centre
  • Niklas Norén, Chief Science Officer
  • Katarina Tillgren, Director of Human Resources
Last modified on: April 5, 2022