Pharmacovigilance training at arm’s reach

In response to the global need for training in pharmacovigilance, Uppsala Monitoring Centre has developed a series of e-learning courses covering different aspects of the science of medicines safety.

UMC’s e-learning courses take a micro-learning approach, with short, concise lessons connected to clear learning objectives. Most courses are taught in English, with subtitles in English and Spanish. Upon completing a course, the learner is awarded a digital certificate that can be printed.

The broad collection of self-paced e-learning courses that UMC offers is aimed at anyone in the world with an interest in pharmacovigilance and are free of charge to those working at pharmacovigilance centres or in the public sector (hospitals, pharmacies, academia etc.). For those working at for-profit organisations or companies (pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations etc.), the courses will be made available for a fee. Please visit our e-learning platform to learn more about the course content.


WHODrug subscribers can access the e-learning course Introduction to WHODrug, using their subscription login credentials.

Feedback from course graduates 


“Prior to doing this course I did not know how to do causality assessment but now I do.”

Causality assessment 

"Thank you for this resource!! I am so excited to share this training with others and have already started to take steps to incorporate this into our PV onboarding!"

Introduction to pharmacovigilance 

“The course was very helpful and the examples in the modules helped to drive the message home. Thank you for a well-organized online training.”

Signal detection and assessment 

"Just perfect. Short, easy, to the point. Exactly how it should be. Well done!"

Introduction to pharmacovigilance 

Last modified on: November 29, 2021