Explaining medicine to young readers

Why do people get sick? What’s a virus? Who invents a medicine, and what do they put in it? "Drugs and Bugs – A little book about medicines" is a children’s book that sets out to answer those questions in a fun and engaging way.

Without skipping any of the important facts about medicines, diseases and the human body, this book explains how pharmaceuticals and the immune system work. This knowledge sets the foundation for understanding the many issues that concern pharmacovigilance.

We believe that teaching kids about the benefits and dangers of medicines can have a positive impact on their communities, empowering them with the knowledge to make better informed decisions regarding medicines. That’s why we sponsored the reprint of Drugs and Bugs.

In a bid to better educate the Swedish public about medicines, UMC also sent out a copy of the book to all paediatric clinics in Sweden where it can be enjoyed by children and their parents as they wait for their appointments.

The book, originally published in Swedish, is now also available in Arabic, English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Spanish. 

How can pharmacovigilance and healthcare professionals use Drugs and Bugs?

Drugs and Bugs is unfortunately not available commercially, nor can it be downloaded. We stock the book at UMC’s headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden, and sometimes bring copies with us to meetings and training. In exceptional cases, we may ship the book to members of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring, provided that you let us know how you intend to use the book.

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An illustration from Drugs and Bugs.

Last modified on: November 23, 2021