Vaccine surveillance in VigiFlow

Use VigiFlow to support your vaccine safety surveillance in a timely and efficient manner.

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Monitoring adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) is essential to securing the safety of vaccines.

VigiFlow supports national vaccine safety surveillance, allowing rapid identification of any safety concerns associated with vaccines.

In collaboration with WHO and other stakeholders, we have expanded VigiFlow to support reporting and analysis of AEFIs for immunisation programmes (at district, provincial, and national level).

The AEFI expansion facilitates data capture, including the core variables for AEFI, and AEFI analysis from a customised line listing. VigiFlow also supports reporting statistics and controlled sharing of reports with the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring (WHO PIDM).

Vaccine eReporting is now available as an add-on to VigiFlow. The easily accessible online reporting form will enable more efficient reporting of AEFIs by healthcare workers. Reports will be instantly available in VigiFlow for further review, assessment and analysis at district, provincial, or national level.

Training and more information on VigiFlow AEFI support can be found in the quick start guide on using VigiFlow for AEFIs, as well as a series of short videos demonstrating how to enter and analyse AEFI data in VigiFlow. In addition, recordings of training webinars focusing on the new data entry form, WHODrug coding aspects of COVID-19 vaccines, and the AEFI line listing are available here:

Through the secure and controlled sharing of information from VigiFlow to VigiBase, VigiLyze facilitates investigation of safety concerns with support from the national, regional, and global data available in VigiBase. The latest VigiLyze developments, by focusing on increasing the support for vaccine safety surveillance, enable members of the WHO PIDM to now do more advanced statistical signal detection work, vaccine by vaccine, as well as analyse different vaccine platforms. Read more about VigiLyze here.

Last modified on: November 19, 2021