Advancing medicines safety together

Uppsala Monitoring Centre's vision and mission statement are the cornerstones of the organisation's global strategic direction and internal governance.

We collaborate with and support stakeholders within the global pharmacovigilance community, including WHO, members of the WHO Programme for international Drug Monitoring (WHO PIDM), and policymakers to drive the field of pharmacovigilance and other medicines safety-related issues forward.

Our vision

Advancing medicines safety together.

Our mission

  • To support members from the WHO PIDM and drug-safety policymakers through scientific development and activities regarding drug-related safety concerns.
  • To safeguard and maintain a global database in collaboration with national pharmacovigilance centres by providing technical solutions, structures, and support for them to submit, access, and explore information on suspected adverse drug reactions.
  • To empower national pharmacovigilance centres of the WHO PIDM to support safe use of medicines in society and healthcare by offering training aligned with current and anticipated needs, as well as advocacy and coordination.
  • To enable greater and faster insights into medicines safety by providing solutions for exchanging, processing, and analysing pre- and post-market drug-safety information.
Last modified on: January 31, 2022