Try your professional wings at UMC

Expand your professional experience as a student or intern at UMC and support our work to advance the science and practice of global medicines safety.

Data science team members meet in a park in 2020. Eva-Lisa and Shachi (right) originally joined UMC as master's students.
Data science team members meet in a park in 2020. Eva-Lisa and Shachi (right) originally joined UMC as master's students.

Joining us as a student working on your master's thesis or for an internship is an opportunity to develop your skills in a challenging scientific field of social importance. For those with the right talent, it could be the first stage of a longer relationship with UMC.

UMC’s research-focused teams working in data science and pharmacovigilance science welcome a few master's thesis students annually. Other departments at UMC also sometimes engage master's students or interns.  

To register your interest in working with us, please send us a brief introduction of yourself and of your area of interest, a project outline if you have something specific in mind, and your CV.

Please contact us via this page.

Master’s students turned employees share their stories

System developer master student
"I really liked doing my thesis at UMC. Even if I was working independently on my project, with support from my supervisor and colleagues, I got to be a part of a team from day one."

Vanja, master's student turned systems developer at UMC

"There's a lot of information and data within healthcare that can be used to help patients. I saw that UMC was using data science and machine learning to help patients within pharmacovigilance, which truly aligns with my belief that data can have a real-world impact. "

Shachi, master's student turned data scientist at UMC

Data science master student
Data science master student
"I came across UMC and I thought that the work they do is really important and very interesting. So I thought, here I can put my skills to use for good rather than for profit."

Eva-Lisa, master's student turned data scientist at UMC

Past theses undertaken at UMC

2023 Named Entity Recognition for Case Narratives of Adverse Event Reports
2022 Extracting drug indications from Structured Product Labels using Deep Learning techniques
2021 Prediction of Drug Indication List by Machine Learning
2021 Creation of a Next-Generation Standardized Drug Grouping for QT Prolonging Reactions using Machine Learning Techniques
2020 Improving the speed and quality of an Adverse Event cluster analysis with Stepwise Expectation Maximization and Community Detection
2020 Mapping medical expressions to MedDRA using Natural Language
2020 Retrospective disproportionality analysis to investigate the usefulness of the WHODrug Standardised Drug Groupings in the pharmacovigilance signal detection process
2019 Extracting Adverse Drug Reactions from Product Labels using Deep Learning and Natural Language processing
2019 Drug Name Recognition in Reports on Concomitant Medication
2018 Deep Neural Networks for Inverse De-Identification of Medical Case Narratives in Reports of Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions
2018 Investigating the scaleability of analyzing and processing RDBMS datasets with Apache Spark
2017 PML and immunomodulating monoclonal antibodies
2016 Extraction of Severity Information from Clinical Narratives Using Statistical Natural Language Processing
2015 Deviating time to onset in predictive models - detecting new adverse effects from medicines
2015 Automatic de-identification of case narratives from spontaneous reports in VigiBase
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