WHODrug Subscription

How to subscribe and the value WHODrug brings to your organisation.

Subscription enquiry

How to subscribe

1. Please click on the enquiry button in the section Contact us to subscribe below. You will be directed to a new page where you will be asked to provide some company information.

2. You will then be contacted by a UMC staff member to discuss your enquiry.

3. Based on the subscription fee criteria, a price quotation will be provided.

4. Following approval of the price quotation, a licence agreement will be created for new subscribers or an amendment for existing subscribers.

5. Once an agreement/ amendment is executed by both parties, an invoice will be provided.

6. Once the invoice is paid, access to WHODrug products will be granted.

WHODrug subscription process

Subscriptions are available to:

WHODrug subscription

Contact us to subscribe

Please click on the enquiry button below. You will be directed to a new page to get started with the subscription process.


Subscription fees criteria

Subscription fees vary between organisations depending on their size, the expected number of staff using WHODrug and the number of locations where users are working. 

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Licence Validation Service

WHODrug users are invited to use UMC’s web-based Licence Validation service for instant validation of the WHODrug licences of collaborating partners.

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WHODrug Licence validation