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Uppsala Monitoring Centre is committed to advancing medicines safety and supporting regulatory actors in improving the health and welfare of patients.

To succeed in our mission, we work in the areas of research, product and system development, education, and communications – activities that are underpinned by operational services like human resources, finance, legal, and facility management. It is important and challenging work that requires people with energy, intelligence and vision.

There are a variety of opportunities available here for those who want to work in a dynamic office environment in the heart of Uppsala, and contribute to UMC’s global mission. 

UMC offers exciting opportunities in the field of pharmacovigilance

What we offer

We're a mission-driven organisation that leverages science and technology to enable and advance global medicines safety. Whether you're looking for an interesting and relevant cause, a job with real-world impact, or to further your expertise within our core areas, UMC is the place for you. 

Vacancies at UMC

UMC regularly welcomes new staff to the organisation. Open positions are listed here, and are also posted on LinkedIn.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Ekonomi- och redovisningsassistent

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Opportunities for students

Students working on their master thesis or seeking an internship can join UMC for a period of time. We offer an opportunity to develop in a challenging scientific field with global impact.