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UMC offers members of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring a complete suite of tailor-made ready-to-use applications that support more harmonised and efficient post-marketing surveillance.

Take informed action to protect patients’ well-being

Understanding the risks and benefits of medicines is core to pharmacovigilance. Robust pharmacovigilance systems are key to ensuring the safety, efficacy and quality of medicines. The COVID-19 vaccines have shown us all the importance of monitoring adverse events following immunisation.

National regulatory authorities need reliable, secure, cost-effective solutions for managing, processing and analysing suspected adverse reactions to medicines. They also want improved collaboration, accessibility and transparency.

Developed by professionals for professionals, our tools grew out of the need for national regulatory authorities to quickly detect potential safety problems in their own populations and take remedial action if causality is established.

Our family of pharmacovigilance products provides members of the WHO PIDM with a common toolset that supports national regulatory and pharmacovigilance best practices based on countries’ shared experience and know-how.

What’s more, we make available all of the safety data shared by members of the WHO PIDM in WHO’s global database of reported potential side effects of medicinal products.

Find out how our ever-evolving portfolio of products and services can provide you with the building blocks of good pharmacovigilance.

Be alert, vigilant and quick to react

When a medicine is released onto the market safety concerns can still arise. Effective systems are needed to identify the first signs of emerging issues. VigiFlow supports the collection and processing of adverse event reports that are critical for a national pharmacovigilance system to function properly.

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Vaccine adverse event reporting in the palm of your hand

Vaccine surveillance is essential to the success of immunisation programmes. But getting data quickly so potential safety issues can be investigated is not always easy. VigiMobile is a new app that field workers can use for reporting adverse events following immunisation even when they are offline.

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Signal detection without borders

VigiLyze supports the entire signal detection management process, allowing you to analyse and document your work in one place. With VigiLyze, you can make disproportionality calculations based on your own data or a group of countries since the global data is never more than a click away.

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Take control of your data

VigiFlow and VigiLyze also give you access to WHODrug Global, the world’s most comprehensive drug coding dictionary. Identify the medicines referenced in adverse event reports, including what they contain, regardless of trade name or where in the world the medicines were used.

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