IDMP – global product and substance identifiers

UMC plays a central role in global efforts to standardise the way pharmaceutical products and substances are identified.

Harmonising medicinal product definitions for safer medicines everywhere

Until now, national differences in how products and substances are identified and described have complicated global pharmacovigilance. But a comprehensive set of standards is set to create a harmonised, structured body of definitions. The Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) standards aim to increase clarity and efficiency in communications about medicines and provide greater certainty to patients no matter where they are.

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IDMP is a set of five standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to create a universal framework of structured, coded data that uniquely identify and describe all key aspects of medicinal products. UMC is an ambassador for the ISO IDMP standards. We have been involved in the process of creating IDMP and continue to support stakeholders towards implementation.

UMC, as the WHO Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring, is developing processes and systems to support Pharmaceutical Product Identifiers (PhPID, ISO 11616). The role of generating and maintaining unique global PhPID identifiers will require specialist expertise in handling global drug information, working collaboratively with key stakeholders around the world.

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IDMP identifiers in action

IDMP identifiers are intended to be used throughout the life cycle of medicinal products. By replacing free text with structured, coded data, IDMP identifiers make analysing and exchanging medicinal product information more efficient, more certain, and less prone to error. For each class of IDMP identifier, a maintenance organisation will be responsible for generating, delivering, and maintaining identifiers.


Towards new IDMP
products and services

As a member of the Global IDMP working group (GIDWG), UMC is involved in pilot projects working to establish the framework for global IDMP implementation. As implementation approaches, UMC will launch products and services for generating, maintaining, and accessing IDMP identifiers. We will also offer training and education to support stakeholders implementing IDMP within their own operations.

GIDWG Working Group

IDMP products
WHODrug Global

IDMP and WHODrug Global

To maintain the benefits of using WHODrug Global, with its unique structure and linkage to established classifications as well as regional drug codes, global PhPIDs and Global Substance Identification (GSID) will be integrated with WHODrug Global as needed.

WHODrug Global

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