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Find out how IDMP will affect the future of pharmacovigilance, and what role UMC will play in that future.

Watch it: PhPID explained

Many medicines have different names and come in different forms even though they have the same active ingredients. But how can you tell if they are equivalent to each other? Find out how the creation of a universally recognisable, unique pharmaceutical product identifier (PhPID) is set to become the common denominator in making medicines safer globally. 

IDMP explained

Medicinal data doesn’t always travel well. The #ISO IDMP standards are set to change that, making the world smaller and safer for patients globally. See for yourself how helping information to flow across borders will make it easier to respond to safety alerts, medication errors, and shortages.

Advancing medicines safety through ISO IDMP – a UMC webinar

On 14 June 2023, UMC held an open webinar for anyone interested in learning more about the current status of IDMP and how various global stakeholders, including UMC, are collaborating to implement the standards and make them a reality. The webinar was held twice to give as many people as possible the chance to attend. Recordings of both sessions are now available to watch online: Session 1, Session 2.

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Stamping out drug adversity

Contributing editor Christian Hay explains how the IDMP standards will help make sure patients get the right medicines and make it easier to detect problems when things go wrong.

Listen up: Drug Safety Matters

UMC’s Malin Fladvad and Olle Lagerlund join podcast host Federica Santoro to discuss the advantages and challenges of this global standardisation effort.

Last modified on: February 22, 2024