WHODrug Cross Reference Tool (CRT) Japan

WHODrug Cross Reference Tool Japan converts Japanese IDF codes into WHODrug codes.


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WHODrug Cross Reference Tool Japan (WHODrug CRT Japan) was created by UMC together with Ijoken, the maintenance organisation of the Iyakuhinmei Data File (IDF), and converts between IDF and WHODrug. WHODrug CRT Japan thus offers companies active in Japan a simple solution for conversion of IDF coded information when submitting concomitant medications to the PMDA.

 Key Features

  • IDF is used for coding clinical and drug safety data and for reporting safety data to the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), while WHODrug is the de facto standard in the rest of the world.
  • However, PMDA recommend WHODrug for submission of concomitant medicines in New Drug Applications.
  • WHODrug CRT Japan eliminates time-consuming double-coding by directly matching IDF and WHODrug codes. Without it, organisations which use IDF domestically and WHODrug internationally are forced to code their clinical and safety data twice.
  • WHODrug CRT Japan opens up the many powerful analysis tools and attributes incorporated in WHODrug for data coded in the IDF dictionary.


Last modified on: February 22, 2024