Implementing WHODrug Koda - for vendors

WHODrug Koda can be easily integrated in a coding tool via an application programming interface (API).

WHODrug Koda is a coding engine that can be conveniently connected to your coding software systems via a REST-based HTTP API. WHODrug Koda is developed and maintained by UMC and comes with a unique combination of artificial intelligence by machine learning, thorough and continuous training of the engine, and UMC’s unrivalled WHODrug expertise. The combination of such features makes it possible for WHODrug Koda to automatically code a verbatim to a drug name in the WHODrug Global dictionary and also to select the most appropriate ATC code.

What’s in it for you 

  • Improve customer satisfaction: implement WHODrug Koda in your coding system, increase your autoencoding rates, reduce coding biases and increase coding consistency.
  • Available free of charge: WHODrug Koda is free of charge to implement for vendors within the WHODrug Vendor Programme.
  • Exclusive: WHODrug Koda is exclusively available to vendors within the WHODrug Vendor Programme.
  • Increased marketing opportunities: all vendor systems implementing WHODrug Koda will be published on the UMC website.

Start your implementation now

WHODrug Koda is available as an add-on to an existing WHODrug Global subscription and is free of charge to vendors with approved software systems within the WHODrug Vendor Programme.

The implementation journey in five short steps: 

  1. Sign the WHODrug Koda vendor agreement
  2. Obtain your unique client key to be able to connect to the API and a user key for free test coding runs.
  3. Develop/test/deploy
  4. Validate the API
  5. Start running Koda via the API using the customers' own user key

Sign the WHODrug Koda vendor agreement and request your authentication client key to connect to the Koda API today - the UMC team strive to support you at any stage of your implementation journey.

Request your client key

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Implementation Starter Kit

Last modified on: April 11, 2024