WHODrug Vendor Programme

The WHODrug Vendor Programme provides system and service developers with unique insights into the WHODrug data for a successful implementation of WHODrug Global within software systems.

The WHODrug Vendor Programme is currently available for organisations considering supporting WHODrug Global with one of the following types of software systems or services:

  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems, Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), stand-alone coding tools or similar, for handling clinical trial data
  • Pharmacovigilance platforms
  • Support or hosting services for an already enrolled software system

For organisations offering additional WHODrug services, obtaining other WHODrug licenses might be required before enrolling in the programme.

Key benefits

  • Provides access to tailored training and support for WHODrug Global and other WHODrug products, all specifically produced for vendors.
  • Facilitates and ensures correct implementation and handling of WHODrug Global data within software systems and related services, while still allowing for unique selling points and differentiation in a competitive market.
  • Always updated to enable the development of software systems and services compliant with industry accepted best practices and regulatory expectations.
  • Be among the first to obtain information about new WHODrug developments and get a unique opportunity to influence the direction of WHODrug products and services.
  • Gain access to WHODrug Global product files before the official releases, to allow for on-time deliveries - invaluable in an industry with strict deadlines.

Programmes available
for software vendors

By applying for enrolment in the WHODrug Vendor Programme at an early stage in the development of a software system or service, your developing team can obtain a deeper understanding of WHODrug Global, reducing the number of costly and time-consuming implementation errors.

Submit a WHODrug Subscription Enquiry via the UMC website to set up a first call to discuss if your software system or service is eligible for the Vendor Programme; members in the programme are subject to an annual administration fee.

WHODrug CRT Japan
Vendor Programme

Alongside the programme for WHODrug Global, there is also a Vendor Programme for WHODrug CRT Japan. Submit a WHODrug Subscription Enquiry to learn more.

Last modified on: February 22, 2024